Meeting New People Using Specialist Phone Lines

by Jason Hulott

Phone line dating, friendship lines, telephone dating, chatlines - in fact, whatever you want to call them as there are so many different names but they all basically mean the same thing! - are becoming an extremely popular way of meeting new people, whether you are seeking friendship or romance.

Certainly, more and more people are using this fun way of meeting others and it is anticipated that over the next few years, the use of chatlines will be greater than using online friendship and dating websites.

So why is this? First of all, no one can deny that dating via the internet has reached dizzying heights of popularity – recent research suggested that a third of all people looking for friendship and/or romance prefer using the internet to meet new people rather than going to pubs and clubs etc.

And meeting people this way is no longer a taboo subject as people can see that it really is a good way to extend your social circle or find romance.

Online dating is great – first of all, you are under no pressure - you can suss someone out and get to know them before meeting face to face.

Secondly, if you are restricted socially – maybe you work long hours or work nights, or are a single parent who cannot keep paying for a baby sitter or, like more and more people, you view pubs and clubs as meat markets – the internet is the solution.

With online friendship sites, you can meet like-minded people day or night and all from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about getting a baby sitter, or spend lots of money on going on. Your working hours are no longer a problem! And you don’t have to worry about making excuses when someone you don’t fancy hassles you for a date when you are out (and that applies to both men and women).

However, meeting people using chatlines is streets ahead of online friendship and dating websites. Not only is it an easier, more accessible way to talk to people – you just pick up the ‘phone, even if you are on your lunch break at work – but unlike online dating sites, with telephone dating you do not have to pay a membership fee. Nor do you have to have PC or have to pay internet costs. You only pay when you call the chatlines.

Also, by actually speaking to someone, you can get a better a feel if they are someone you would like to meet face to face. For example, you may have been corresponding with someone on a dating website and took their responses to mean they have a dry sense of humour. By actually verbally interacting with them, you may find out that their dry sense of humour is actually no sense of humour at all!

Similarly, while a person online may seem like someone you’d like to be around, once you actually speak to them you may find that they have the most irritating voice in the world! Or that they continually sniff! Or worse! (Think: someone who has a cold and snorts rather than use a handkerchief).

Chatlines allow you to get a much better feel for the person that you are talking to and conversation tends to flow a lot more freely rather than by typing out emails – allowing you to make a decision whether to get out of the conversation quickly or carry on chatting.

Jason Hulott is the webmaster of UK Dating Online and runs a telephone dating service at or call 0906 507 2999. Calls are charged at 1.50 p/min.

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