Choosing a Cell Phone

by Jeff Lakie

If Alexander Graham Bell were alive today he would be amazed. It wasn't that long ago when he made the first telephone call to his assistant from another room in his laboratory. At the time they had been working on a device to help deaf people hear. Bell patented the telephone in 1876. Now, 130 years later, people are walking around with tiny but powerful computers held to their years. These wireless devices can be used to browse the Internet, play games, text message, manage schedules… and even to use a telephone! [ more ]

Net Telephone Services In Trouble – 911 FCC Rules Upheld

by Richard Chapo

As you know, traditional telephone companies provide 911 call services to customers. Under long established laws, the traditional telephone companies are required to automatically route such calls to a geographically appropriate area and deliver the originating phone number and address of the call. Net telephone services haven’t done this in the past as the technical reading of the regulations didn’t require them to. Now the regulations do and it is causing problems. [ more ]

The VoIP Telephone Services Revolution

by Rick Hendershot

Ever since the birth of the internet, entrepreneurs with an eye to the future have predicted that voice communications -- telephone services -- would eventually be merged with internet services. With the widespread adoption of VoIP, that day has come, and it is causing a revolution in the telephone industry. [ more ]

The Internet Phone Revolution.

by Roger Overanout

The world is on the brink of a phone revolution, with a growing number of people cutting their telecom bills by making free calls via the World Wide Web.

A recent sign of this is that EBay, the online auction website, is so sure the idea will catch on, that it has paid $4.1 billion for the Internet Phone firm Skype Technologies. [ more ]