Capture Your Underwater Memories With An Underwater Digital Camera

Do you like to dive or snorkel? I'll bet you have used those disposable 35mm underwater cameras, haven't you? They are good for taking photos up close and in shallow water but not good for deepwater. What you really need to create and save those underwater memories is an underwater digital camera. Underwater digital cameras are used by divers all over the world and not just for personal use. Those who make their living from the ocean like marine photographers, biologists, and scientists use underwater digital cameras to film and study marine life. The photographers sell their videos and make a good living from it, the scientists use them to study and learn more about the creatures they are interested in. You are more than likely in none of those categories, probably like me, you are just a lover of the water.

I thoroughly enjoy being able to bring back evidence of what I have seen underwater with a camera. When you are looking for an underwater digital camera you must realize that they are rare and hard to find. Cameras as a rule, being electronic, can't take the high pressure associated with depths reached in diving even if they are waterproof. What you will find in most cases is a specialized casing produced specifically for a digital camera to be used underwater which in essence will turn your regular digital camera into an underwater one. Using a camera underwater is quite a bit different than shooting on dry land. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind to get the best results from your underwater photography experiences.

Light is diffused more and more the deeper you dive so the images you are filming will be darker than what you would have above water. Using white balance will help with this and also give you more natural colors. Another thing to remember is that your pictures will end up larger due to the magnification effect underwater so bear this in mind when filming.

Also be sure not to use a built in flash as this will cause your pictures to be blurry, use an external one instead. Test your camera before diving with it by submerging the camera within its waterproof case in water for a few seconds and checking to see if there are any leaks in the protective underwater case. Take special precautions that you don't get so much as a hair or a grain of sand in the seal area because if you do I assure you the case will leak. You can get optional lenses for your digital camera that will help you take better pictures; especially essential are the Macro lenses that will allow you to get close up shots without scaring away your subject. When you finish your dive or snorkel trip always rinse off the case good and set it out to dry, especially if you have been in saltwater.

Gregg Hall is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Navarre Florida. Find more about digital cameras and digital camera accessories at

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