The Essential Accessories for You Treo

If you have just purchased your very first Treo Smartphone, congratulations! The mobile device should provide you with an amazing mobile experience and a different level of productivity. Now here are the essential accessories to complete your Treo experience. Spare Battery: A spare battery is essential if you plan to use a lot of applications on your Treo and also if you travel a lot. A spare battery should be able to give you more computing time with your Treo. There are extended-use batteries available online that will give you power longer. You can also get regular Treo batteries from Palm retailers.

You can also consider getting a Hot Sync Cradle so you can charge the empty battery while using the other one. SD Card: SD Cards are essential if you are to use your Treo as a productivity tool. A regular 512MB memory should not cost you more than $50. If you like to upload various media content to your Smartphone then you must get an SD card with higher capacity like 1GB.

There are SD cards that come in higher capacity, just choose one that will match your needs. A protective case: If you want your Treo to last, you must get it a protective case so you can carry it around without causing any scratches and other damages. There are plenty of choices so make sure you get one that will match how you intend to carry your Treo around.

There are wallets, belt-cases, hardened cases and others. Bluetooth headset: A headset will help you work on your Treo while talking to someone on the phone and will also let you answer calls when you are occupied with other things. A Blue tooth headset is one of the most practical things you can buy for your Treo and it should be part of your accessories list.

A USB Card Reader: A card reader will help you transfer files from your PC to your Treo. This will be very handy for those who are always on the go and who need to be able to work with their laptops/PC and their Smartphones seamlessly.

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